Milota Havránková.

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Milota Havránková.

Naučili sme sa nepravdivo žiť.


milota is considered to be an exceptional phenomenon in Slovak and Czech photography. She experiments, breaks traditions, transforms and modernises her personal style. She exploits new technologies and possibilities, transcending photography into architecture, painting and fashion design. She has taught young people for over thirty years, and shaped the “Slovak new wave”, the generation of successful photographers who fundamentally influence the Czech photographic scene. Her creative approach significantly influenced the Slovak art scene, the younger generation in particular.


Born 7 August 1945 Košice, Slovakia
School of Applied Arts, Bratislava
Academy of Performing Arts, Prague (Prof. Ján Šmok)
Photojournalist – Film Studios Koliba, Bratislava
Freelance artist
School of Applied Arts, Bratislava, teacher of art photography
Freelance artist
Co-founder of GALÉRIA X, Bratislava
Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava, co-founder of the Department of Art Photography, Head of the Studio of Art Photography, member of the Academic Senate
Film School of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague, teacher at the Department of Photography
Named the Associate Professor of Photography, Academy of Performing Arts, Prague
Head of the Department of Photography and New Media, Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava, member of the Academic Senate of the Academy of Fine Arts
Named the Professor of Creative Art by the President of Slovakia, Bratislava
Director and curator of PF 01 Gallery of the Student Loan Fund, Bratislava
2012 - 2013
Professor at the Department of Photography, Film Academy of Perfoming Arts in Prague, Czech Republic
Head of Studio 'Medium of Photography', Academy of Arts, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

Is it not more complicated for young people that it takes some doing to distinguish authentic language in today’s wealth of information?
It is natural that in the present chaos, they cannot be the same as we were. They perceive the world with realistic eyes, but all the more they are deprived, because illusion is wonderful.
What was it like to lose illusions, something that affected all your generation?
I have always worked with young people and under any circumstances I have striven to give them everything positive in life. It would be rather unfair if I complained. I try to see something creative and good in every person, and reveal it. I do not like any kind of trends of development. I have an individual, authentic approach to the students and try to be direct, “normal”. I do not want to grow old for them (laughter).
Is aging not nice?
I tell everybody that I live my most beautiful age. When I was young, I could not imagine it at all – I regarded people in their forties as old. Now I know that it is completely different.
I was very impatient before. I wanted to catch up with everything quickly and chaotically, to draw inspiration, even a hundred stimuli at the same time, and besides, I had my family. It was not simple at all. At one moment I had to think about a lot of things. Today, I can afford to think more about myself. I spent all my life in a hurry because I wanted to enable my children to do everything in the way they needed. Perhaps it is normal… Now they return it in a nice way.
Do your children photograph?
My children hated photographs which were all over our home, even on the floor. They had a strange relationship to them. Nowadays they like remembering the times when they were small kids. Rather, I am the person who tucks away the photographs somewhere in the corner. And they take them out.
Do they judge your work?
My work is so natural in our life that we do not speak about it at all. But we like arguing about something else. Everyone tries to defend his/her priorities, and it is right.

International Biennial of Arts and Crafts, Bratislava, Subconscious Interplays – Honorary Mention
Photographic Publication of the Year, Czech Photo, Prague. Catalogue MILOTA 1974 – 94
International Fashion Fair, STYL 97, Brno, special prize of Eva magazine
Crystal Wings, Award for Visual Arts
TV Galéria elity ná,, Milota Havránková
IDENTIFICATION CODE Award for art in photography
National Award for Humanities, Education and Culture in photography
Personality of the Year Award, SDEF Professional Photographer’s Awards
public collections
Matica Slovenská, Turiec Gallery (Martin, Slovakia), Literary Museum (Martin, SR), Museum of Decorative Arts (Prague, Czech Republic), Morava Gallery (Brno, Czech Republic), Slovak National Gallery (Bratislava,Slovakia).
photo - textile design
Bratislava (Slovakia), GALÉRIA DIELO, collection of photographic fashion designs
Košice (Slovakia), GALÉRIA DIELO, collection of photographic fashion designs
Prague (Czech Republic), SLOVENSKÝ DOM, collection of photographic fashion designs
Stage and costume design for the music band MADAM